Monday, August 26, 2013

I will never be able to join paed


I wanted to spend the night watching movies till sahoor time but ended up stuck in a number of articles relating to current Middle East crisis, in particularly, the very recent chemical massacre in Syria.

I was quickly reminded the story of Hasan al Banna that he went sleepless for a week thinking of the ummah's problem. how inspiring. 

you see, if Muslims are true ikhwan fil aqeedah, how do we have very warm and cosy night sleep when there are tiny children look as if they're sleeping like we comfortably do when in fact, they're dead.

Aslim, Naufal and Kauthar must be in deep sleep by now. and this is the only photo I can tolerate to watch (after hours of inner conflict).

oh the Most Powerful, if I were to become a mother one day, grant me a heart that won't break - or at least, a bit stronger. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Eid 2013

bismillahirrahmaanirraheem, assalamualaikumwarahmatullah,

Eid this year has been amazing as usual. (perhaps 'as usual' means less amazing? :P) 

oh well. maybe this time I'm gonna let the pictures speak by themselves.

Have you ever had at least one moment in your life that when you look at someone's face and think to yourself

it is their happiness I long for.

ha dah start jiwang dahhh. okay lets get serious again. actually, next year I plan to not go back to Malaysia for summer insyaAllah. so what I did was masak roti jala mee kari ayam rempah lontong tiramisu, beli accessories raya for each of family member, lompat sana lompat sini, this and that, only to leave memories of me so I won't be the only one to be in deep homesickness during eid next year teehee. 

oh by the way, in the midst of all these amazing blessing, a simple (yet powerful) reminder should do no harm :

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Jagalah diri kamu dan ahli keluarga kamu dari neraka yang bahan bakarnya adalah manusia dan batu." - at Tahrim, 6.

Monday, August 12, 2013

shawling skills

bismillahirrahmaanirraheem wassalamualaikum,

berkawan ni sebenarnya macam bershawls.

saya bukannya reti sangat pun pakai shawls. shawls pun beberapa helai je sebab memang tak reti pakai. selalu teringin nak pakai shawls kemas-kemas cantik-cantik macam denabahrin ayesha etc. tapi nak buek cano, memang shawling skills kira out..


sekarang alhamdulillah, dengan adanya 'dakwah wa tarbiyyah' melalui Youtube, kira in dah lah shawling skills saya alhamdulillah. gambar di atas gambar retis-retis sket untuk menambah keyakinan dan secara langsung memantapkan skill bershawl dari segi rohaniyyah wa insaniyyah.

but that is not the point tho.

I always blamed the materials, sizes and designs of shawls that I couldn't wear them properly. sometimes I blamed the shape of my face (by forgetting that we human are made ahsaani taqweem). this happened until a time that I finally figured out the most suitable way of wearing shawls, I realised that it is about the skills, not the shawls.

the same goes to friendship - friends and the way we deal with friends. 

friends should never be the subject to blame, it's the way we befriend. why point fingers to our friends when we got a situation when in fact, we are friends to them ourselves? not that we are always the one to be blamed, but both of us - the way both of us deal with each other. 

it takes two to clap, and also two to stretch the rubber

stretch moderately, my friend. because if one lets go, the pain depends on how far you have stretched the rubber.


note* don't you think the biggest challenge of giving dakwah through fashion is tabarruj? its a deadly silent killer isn't it.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm so gonna be an angry pregnant lady


it was a very exhausting day of fasting and reunion with 9 years lost contact friends in Shah Alam. I went into return journey Gombak-Shah Alam using public transport from 3 pm to 10 pm. cewah sebenarnya takde lah haru sangat pun perjalanan.

I was standing inside the LRT Kelana Jaya lane because there was no empty seats. Though there were about 10 more stations to reach terminal, I thought standing wouldn't trouble me because I had Kenny Rogers for berbuka nyum nyum.

it turned out that I was wrong. 

I remember it was Masjid Jamek station where the young couple entered the LRT. The soft yet tired faced wife was (at least) 7 months pregnant while the more tired faced husband was holding 3 bags full with kuih raya boxes, raya decoration etc. 

it troubled me because they were standing very very patiently until they reached Sri Rampai station

because no one gave up their seat for the pregnant woman. 

woman in grey t shirt sitting DIRECTLY infront of the lady was, well, sitting. no, she wasn't sleeping. her eyes were open the whole journey. while the tuff healthy young man with the iPad, as you can see there, was on Facebook checking up his notifications. and last but not the least, the woman beside him was very tired playing apps game on her phone that she fell asleep later. while the other seats row behind the pregnant lady were no different. all were young healthy men and women suited up with office wear and smart-looking face with the same type of attitude - shameful one. 

I was all fired up with anger that I couldn't recall when was the last time I was that angry during Ramadhan. I spoke out loud "kesiannya kesiannya woi woi woi" hoping that they would hear me for a few times and I also stared at each one of them with serious Ziana Zain eyes. serious k serious. 

yet no one heeded me. 

so I went back home and told Ibu about this with the still blazing fire inside my eyes and mouth also that my words were all fire here fire there until this one fireman moment that Ibu said to me,

"why didn't you just poke them and ask them to give seat to the lady?"

------------- this is a true story I can relate to the recent case of Daylight Robbery you can view here

our sociey is sick. and we are, in fact, the society. [ar Ra'du:11]