Wednesday, July 3, 2013

zoo stories


I really like rabbits. well, I doubt if any girl doesn't like rabbits. rabbits are like the first animal I ever admired to pet. their white fur, red-circled round eyes, cute nose, chubby tummy are features I always come to loving every time I see them. they are always modest and shy, too - characters that are hard to get nowadays, aren't they? 

I once held a rabbit close to me. but I guess because of their nature, he escaped, quite fastly, from me. I am never really sure why he left but hmm maybe I didn't smell good kot..

and then, with trend, I fell in love with sugar gliders. I didn't really find them attractive at first but oh well, they're exotic! you see, I can't write much about what I like about sugar gliders, haha, maybe because I don't really like them even though I loved them ahhhhh it's complicated! hehe. oh yea, I heard they're clingy and can die out of loneliness, so I sorta find it as a strong sentimental value :P

but at the end of the day, I figured out sugar gliders are not for me. more troubles than pleasures. (no offense, sugar gliders' owner..)

currently, I am into Abysinnian hamsterrrrr! its a species that is very well known as Bugsy for fans of Bedtime Stories movie, starring Adam Sandler. comel gileee mashaAllahhhhhhhh. they are so chubby, fluffy and funny toooooo! or at least to me, in my imagination haha. you know, I almost bought one  the other day but I didn't have cash with me so I delayed buying. I went again the next day (actually, month) and they were sold out. sad sad story........  

I didn't like Bugsy that much at first. I enjoyed seeing it but never wanted to own it. I can't recall how I started liking it but I do now. a lot, actually. too much, sometimes.

one thing about all the pets I told you about, is that, I never really own them. in fact, I never own a pet even once. always wanting to have one, but never have the chance to. each of them has their own story to me; very important stories in my life in fact. though I  continue writing my own story at the moment, every time I look back at the past, the memories are still there as if to remind me the lessons I learned. in both hard and also, happy ways :)