Saturday, February 23, 2013

"why I hate religion, love Jesus"


Comparative religion is an engrossing subject to those who search for something. Most of the cases, is in the search of truth. And we Muslims search too; knowledge and tighter grip of the truth. We are indeed obliged to continue searching on and on throughout our whole life until the brain does not receive any oxygen for more than a minute. (Read: hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy or death)

Today, I went to search in youtube and found this.

This is one of the best videos of interfaith subject I watched so far. It is clear and profoundly factual to believe every point said.

But my searching didn't end there. I figured out this issue actually started in different way.

Just as it started to become more exciting, it became much much more as I found these as response videos.

I honestly haven't had any thought of the differences between religion and Jesus before. To be honest again, I actually do not fully understand the last 3 videos except its atheistic viewpoints and church's social roles. I understand how important are the church for the Christians and that religion is a part Jesus' mission on the earth. But then I wonder…

Have they watched the muslim version video? What would they response be? 

I wish to waittttt hihihi I just loooveeee debateeeeeeeeeee tho I am strictly NOT a debater. 

Go back to book now, Sya. Wassalam.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

dosa kaki


I really like badminton. I like playing it, watching it and berlagak pandai main. I'm not good at it. Its just that for a kaki bangku like me, badminton pun dah cukup cool kot. I still remember the first time I played it here in uni gym, I literally cried when I was bullied by people around. Dah lah laki pulak tu. But I didn't cry cos of them tho, I cried because I really miss playing badminton with Abah, Angah, Abanteh, Abalang, Anep at home. Homesickness came during badminton session, weird enough? No? Haha.

I played badminton last night. It was fun. Even though I lost over seniors, alah seniors fifth year kottt, but it was fun! Until my calcaneofibular ligament sprained.

I had an over inversion of my left foot while playing (actually, walking), so I think the lateral ligament got overstretched since the area around ankle has actually swollen since last night. See picture above, you'll understand better!

But there's one more possibility though.

It could be due to overextension of the tendon. I think it would be the peroneus brevis tendon since it is an evertor muscle and I can't evert my foot now. It is currently inverted more than normal, so, perhaps there's a minor damage to the tendon as well.

But then I also feel a slight sore at the anterior part of foot when I try to put my foot on the ground. It is around the tibialis anterior tendon, can you see? But it's not swollen tho. It just hurts when I try to dorsiflex my foot. But, I think, the possibility of this tendon to be damaged is quite low. Nahh I don't think so. Saje nak tambah possibility.

All in all, this is just a medical poyo way to tell that I have an ankle injury. Hehehehehehehhe. I went to the health unit already and apparently, nothing is wrong alhamdulillah. Learning Anatomy is super tough but the value of knowledge we gain is priceless alhamdulillah 2. 

ps/ Here's the full interesting video of it (or at least to me):


Sunday, February 3, 2013

red HBDI colour wins over blue with close margin this time

bismillahirahmaanirraheem. in the name of Allah, the most loving.

this post is for those have the adjective as a noun for an ajnabi.
for those who are currently restraining themselves from themselves.
for whose heart beats differently because of the feeling they didn't ask for,
for whose brain fails to interpret things using logic and rationale anymore.
this post is for those who are waiting for the something very uncertain yet they still find themselves waiting. 
for those who are frightened by the uncertainties yet they still want to take the risk.

what a mujahid/ah you are. 

I read somewhere days ago someone says "Do not be jealous of people who are in relationship before marriage. Be jealous of people who are not because they have high imaan." People feel. That's very normal. It's not about the existence of the feeling, but rather the dealing with the feeling itself. Like when you have briyani chicken rice in a western country, what do you do with it? Do you eat it straight away or do you keep it at right place until the right time comes when you can truly enjoy its delicious taste nyam nyamm? Ape ni tetibe briyani. But I mean it. My anology maybe ridiculous but I mean every word. It is a heart-breaking struggle to not do things you really truly badly want to do...

The battle of heart and brain is the toughest part, they say. But it is actually a battle between imaan and nafs within one soul. You want to do it, but you know you can't. But you still want to do it, but your imaan says don't, but wait you heart says takpe je, but brain says no, let me think, but suddenly it reminds you of the evil of the nafsu but then whyyyy huwaaaaaaaaaaa

To those who are suffering this presently, this message is for you:

Be patient. Stay strong. Allah SWT knows. 

wallahu'alam. may Allah grant us more patience and strength, wassalamualaikum.