Tuesday, May 31, 2011

good mates :D

its 3 am in the morning its Sunday evening and i'm pretty enthusiastic i am very bored, if i can say, to write about my Sem 2.


or not.

there's nothing awesome, really, happened in Sem 2. i have to admit, i started off quite bad in the early Sem 2 bcos. er. takde mood? hehe. i know. that's bad. i remember those times i weren't giving any attention to Biology class sampai nak test Respiration and Photosynthesis tu en, i didn't know there are cycles named Kreb and Calvin! :D
but basically, usual events took place. new topics learnt, more quizzes and test held, more gossips and scandals revealed, more pro in procrastination, and oh yes, a better WiFi coverage in class. that one is awesome.

okay. sorry teacher.

well. uhm. yeah, it passed by quicker than Sem 1. sedar sedar dah exam for university placement ya Allah. pastu kena pikir pasal Sabah pulak arghhh. pastu pasal EE lambat progress warghhh. pastu Math Paper macam Olympiad aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

but apart from that all, this one i think i treasure. no, i know i treasure.

throughout this Sem 2, i had done few things that i think is still legal..

danced in class, okay fine, xishuashua-ed in class,

created an art that creates another world historical art,

studied under the tree (done it before in Sem 1)

well you know, that time when everything goes wrong, so many things in mind and on table, what else can make you feel awesome about IB life? besides your roommates, bestfriends and all, its your classmates :DDD to me it's a good feeling when you enter the class every morning, seeing your friends and not feeling stress (except when they are studying before the class starts *nangis*) but still, to me, by not feeling stress is good enough. because at least, they don't add up stress in your life kan kan kan. to bonus it up, they make you smile and laugh like crazy all day long :D
ehem ehem. guys, i'm not being jiwang anywhere around here okay.
"oh you already are." Luqman Safwan would say this, i know.

sorry that i don't have many photos, but here's more that i think quite laughable..

my family; (from left) Baby, Along, Mommy, Angah and Achik,
MOMMY??!! haha. tade tade. ni imaginary family je. Fatimah Zahrah sila jeles sila jeles.

this was during Kem Islami. where you can see the most left girl was being very selfish, tak berhati perutand loveless towards her classmates. kesian Nabila Rosaidi dahaga sangat tu.

i so love this pic!

okay fine. its just a toilet and we were bored during recess time and i just had my phone and being batak about it and so we decided to take picture.
happy now?

to make it fair, here's the pic of everyone, i present youuu the one and only M10E.

my classmates have been such dearies throughout this Sem 2, and i couldnt thank enough for the memories for a year now. well, what else i can say? i hope we can made more for the another year insyaAllah. i'm very much grateful to have classmates like you guys. and before i'm becoming more jiwang, and before Mukhzani Muhammad start buat muka, erm what else i can say,

Teman-teman karib pada hari itu saling bermusuhan, kecuali mereka yang bertaqwa.

sila mintak 'Afif Amran tadabbur ayat ni :D kbai.

ps/ if anyone comes to read this before Sem 3 start, would you mind not to mention about it to me in class later? malu hokeh.