Saturday, January 14, 2012

two pronounciations of Sem

so Sem 4 has begun!

and is spoiled by Sem 3 results. it is not as expected, so far instead. well well well. lets not make this post an emotional one ;) oh, by the way......

rasa bangga sungguh baca first time. mungkin essay cukup bagus untuk dapat English HL 7 IB nanti.

namun, setelah membaca ayat seterusnya.. ya, mungkin hanya tulisan yang cukup bagus untuk difahami. akhirnya....... T.T

these are good news, aite? :P

i have exactly 4 months, 3 days before IB ends. that feels long. on the other hand, i have 3 months, 13 days before IB exam starts. and now, that feels short.. this journey is about to end soon. ehem i mean, about to get toughest very soon. EE and TOK, 2 major neck-hurting assignments to be submitted in 10 days, university placement to be about more or less a month time, kursus perkahwinan to be held anytime around. eh ehhh.

"Bukanlah kesulitan yang membuatkan kita takut, tetapi ketakutan yang membuatkan kita sulit. Kerana itu jangan pernah mencuba untuk menyerah dan jangan pernah menyerah untuk mencuba. Maka jangan katakan pada Allah 'aku punya masalah', tetapi katakan pada masalah 'aku punya Allah yang Maha Segalanya. - Saidina Ali bin Abi Thalib [credits : a picture from FB]

"yes. Cik Ya rindu aku je. padan muka Bam Bam." - Sem Sem

ps/ may i bow down lower to Allah SWT this time. may the quest of knowledge we are in invite His pleasure towards us. last but not the least, thabit qulubana 'ala deenik :)