Friday, July 4, 2014

I can't do this..


isn't it the best time of the year? its the feast of ibadah; every day is a blessing that takes us 70 years away from the Hellfire and every amal, no matter how tiny it is, grows bigger beyond our imagination.

actually, there is blessing in every bit of Ramadhan.

be it the portion of sahur and iftar, the rakaat of tarawih and qiyamulail, or the warm look at our parents or innocent child - all of them carry a huge blessing that is worth rebut for.

I am in love with this time of the year and I think it shows very obviously in the above picture (not technically selfie tau :P)

and also, if you are expecting this to be an emo post, I'm sorry I disappointed you. to whom this post title may concern, worry not. I am more than okay -- I'm happy alhamdulillahirabbil'alameen.

"Bersangka baiklah denganKu, nescaya kebaikanlah untuknya." [HR Imam Ahmad]