Monday, June 24, 2013

Prof Dr Syakirah Azami

bismillahirrrahmaanirraheem, assalmaualaikumwarahmatullah,

topic of a talk or program is the first major factor of to attract audience. like the title of this blogspot la hehe, second would be the speakers. but well, sometimes an amazing speaker can actually make amazing speech out of any topic given. 

the topic of a seminar I went a week ago was Keluarga vs Kerjaya by Dr Harlina Siraj and Dr Maszlee

great speakers masyaAllah awesome speeches subhanaAllah. 

but I only want to highlight one most absorbed point both of the speakers gave out. which is the topic itself. I myself saw topic as being gender-biased to women because of course la we ambitious women gituw susah lah nak decide nak jaga keluarga ke nak jaga patients. this was my thought before Dr Har bashed my view by saying the other way around.

this seminar was a direct topic for men. men should be target group because the two subjects in title are primarily male responsibility. 

"Lelaki itu pelindung bagi wanita.. " 4:34

yet disappointingly, the audiences were 80% women, 70% of the women were single.

ironic? yes. very.

okay tu je nak cerita sebab i'm trying my best to not be a feminist teeheee. wassalam.