Tuesday, January 8, 2013

IUMC interview tips

bismillahirahmaanirraheem, assalamualaykum.

We have been told that the juniors will be having IUMC (Irish Universities Medical Council) in few weeks time. The first thing came across my mind was

woah! time does fly fast! 

It feels like yesterday I told story about my water rocket to Prof Gerry Loftus, Dean of NUIG Medical School. I was in for the competition in Form 4, I put it in my personal statement because I thought it would make me an interesting person. I guess I was right because Prof Loftus and the other interviewer (can't remember the name, but quite sure he's from UCC) couldn't stop asking questions about it for about half time of the interview. Or was it my fault to be that interesting? *tersipu*

Thus, that brings about my first trick. Or tips.

1. Be interesting!

I would say, it starts with your PS. Korang tak kena hantar CV kan? Ke kena gak? Okay if you have to send both then it means you have to make both as interesting as possible. Be it about your hobby, family member, habit, if it involves uniqueness and creativity, then put it there somewhere. You don't have to elaborate so long about it, as long as it's interesting, it is automatically eye-catching. 

And prepare yourself to answer questions about it. Jangan lupa related terms such as pressure, aerodynamic shape, resistance or even seletep like I did T.T  

2. Learn Gaelic words. 

You don't need to know more than 10 words, don't worry. As much as we adore foreigners who speak Malay, foreigners also adore us to speak their language. Make it as simple as 'hello' or 'morning' or 'how are you' or 'goodbye' or Irish national anthem eceh. It shows your appreciation towards their language, and it's a good bodek trick I tell you.

3. Be friendly with sincerity from heart.

The bodek trick won't work if you don't look sincere. Wait, in fact any words you say won't make they believe you if you're not sincere saying them. Trust me, those interviewers you'll meet, they can identify this type of people easily. 

Jangan cuak…. Ha, lupa pulak, when I was interviewed kan, I was terrified to death cause by excessive adrenaline rush. Seghiyesley. My legs were shivering and my hands were sweating even I was in a cold room. I bet they knew it as soon as I opened the door as they asked me if I was okay. Out of no where, my mouth slipped "actually, I'm not okay. I'm super scared right now." a millisecond later my brain finally processed what I just said and I could only laugh very awkwardly while they burst into laughter.

If there's one thing I have to describe the Irish, it's friendly. Do you know that Ireland is one of the most friendliest country in the world? (you may use that in the interview if they ask you what do you know about Ireland) and it is! If they ask you how you know it, just tell them "our seniors tell us so and we believe them 100%ly especially after meeting you" ;P Okay back to the point, so, be friendly. One of the most effective way of showing friendliness is by smiling and laughing. Don't forget to smile after every sentence/point. Some body gestures mainly through hand movement will definitely help, too.

4. Prepare for the question of "do you have any other question?"

This actually relates to the question of what person do you want them to see you as? Ambitious? Creative? Culture-lover? Music-lover? What I asked was "what are my chances to pursue my study in postgraduate programme?" I really wanted to know that, so what happened that I could keep the conversations going for a while because I asked many more questions after that such as "how long have the discussion been going on?" and "when will it officially take effect?" etc. What I can say on this is that you should think really carefully about your interest. Be sincere also la while asking questions. Only by this way, they can really tell that you really want to ask the question. 

5. Ask friends before you about the interviewers.

Alah. Ni semua pun buat. And yes, it is extremely helpful insyaAllah.

6. Have a silence 10 minutes before the interview. 

Even though you should ask friends who went before you, do not do it 10 minutes before your turn. You do not need any panic attack at that crucial time. Stay calm. Only in calmness will your mind be at its best condition. 

7. Last but the most of cos! Surah Taha 1-5

It's a doa pelembut hati. Mohonlah supaya dilembutkan hati-hati mereka :)

So, that's it. That's all I can think of for now, but you are free to ask any questions. However, there are many other things to be considered though. During our time, there were scaryyy gileee punye interviewers I tell you who made many people who came out from room felt like there was no hope in getting the offer padahal ramai je dapat. There were also friendly gilee punye interviewers that we felt like talking to friends. Like I said, asking others before you can be very helpful insyaAllah. Oh ye, about what to wear, I'd suggest soft color and blazer because it makes you look like a cheerful professional young people (at least to me hoho) And English fluency, I'd say contents over fluency. It doesn't matter if you don't have an ocean wide bombastic vocabulary as long as you know the precise words to describe what you want to say. Make it an aim to make them understand you rather than amaze by you because of your accent or speedy talk.

What I can say is that, IUMC interview is relatively easier than any other interviewer. Fuh yakin gile di situ.

Tettt it's WRONG! I really disagree with that if it makes you a person who underestimates the whole interview. Try not to care so much if it's easy or hard, what's important is to try your best. After all, to do your very best in everything is what you ought to do.

In memory of panic attacks and zits on IUMC interview day (11/1/2012)

Bittaufeeq wannajah! See you in Ireland in few months time, biidznIllah ;)