Sunday, May 19, 2013

I want to become a lecturer

bismIllahirrahmaanirraheem, assalamualaikumwarahmatullah,

Politics are irresistible. They revolve around us whether we like it or not. To some (including me), its controversial feature looks more interesting that anything else. Maybe because immaturity or ignorance, we youth find it easier to expressively argue about political issues than actually study about it.

Abah asked me the night before "Nak ikut Abah dengar ceramah tak esok?" Without actually knowing what it was, I knew I should go. Not because of YB Nurul Izzah hehe but Abah kalau ajak bukan sebarang ajak. "I bet this gonna be great."

And I was right.

This was an event organised by University Malaya Centre of Democracy and Election (UMCEDEL) under Prof Dato' Dr Redzuan as the director. Approved by Vice Chancellor alhamdulillah haha, the topic was Pasca PRU 13: Ke Arah Mana Politik Malaysia? The guests who came were:

1. Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad (blogger) - you can actually check Malaysiakini for full report of his speech
2. Ibrahim Sufian (pemerhati politik from Merdeka Centre)
3. Keeran Sivarajah (pemerhati politik from IDEAS)
4. YB Shamsul Iskandar aka the Giant Slander who defeated Ali Rustam at Bukit Katil
5. YB Ong Kian Ming who DSAI referred as 'one ofthe top three PR young leader that BN are scared of'
6. Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah :D
7. YB Nurul Izzah Anwar (not as speaker, only guest)

I must say, the best lesson I learned from this talk is that there is a clear line between academician and politician - in terms of factuality to eye contact they make. It hits me right in the middle when Prof Redzuan explain explicitly the prime idea of UMCEDEL as a centre of integration between academic and politics

or in simpler words, it teaches on how to see politics wisely. 

Personally, I'd say the balance between emotions and facts when it comes to politics is quite a mess for most of people, especially those at my age. Despite of being a medical student, facts are still facts; boring. I rarely bother about understanding the issue simply because there are so many to read! Yet, it is always interesting to get into debates with those who have diff opinions. They get more interesting when the other side is all flaring up with exaggeration and baseless statements.

Then, all of these make less (not none) sense when I came to this talk. It was a powerful eye opener for a young woman like me to look at things differently after this. Not that I want to be a politician duhh but I don't think it'd harm anyone to be a wise adult one day biidznIllah. 

After all, if being doctor means to serve people, in what way would it be different from a rightful leader?

And that is essentially why I adore politicians. Well, only some of them, obviously. 

Last but not the least, this talk was also amazing because my parents were there with me. It was (still is) really hard to imagine me spending time with both of my parents during weekdays. They are very caught up with their works and responsibilities since I was a little child - which becomes a motivation to me ever since.

"Boring aaa Cikya cite politik. Ngantok dah ni tite dengar..."

I will come back with your story pulak lepas ni, Naufal!! Be ready. Be really ready muahahahhahahaa.