Saturday, August 9, 2014

their replies

"Cekalkan hati"Ibu.

"Ermm Cik Ya nyangan nangesh..." Kautsar.

Okaylah. Cik Ya modelling pulak. Luls. I do small business je.

I am never strong. That is exactly why Allah tests me; to provide what I'm lacking of - strength.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I am a bit of paradox. Or maybe a lot.

I find it so easy to be happy or to laugh loudly but I am easier to be sad and cry louder.

I love (yummy) food so much but I don't eat much. In fact, they get lesser each time.

To me, the kids are so lovable but I don't like immaturity.

There are too many thoughts in my head but most of them won't let me get in the way that they become painful instead.

I could sleep so soundly last night but I might just cry myself to sleep tonight.

Because I doubt if I will ever get it: how can you just leave someone after you ran after them for years? How do you head forward without a glimpse to what you have left behind? Why would you do those horrible things without any reason at all? Most importantly, how did I become meaningless so suddenly?

Sya, please. You are not helping yourself, please.

Neither are you.