Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Things I wish I (or any first mum) knew about pregnancy before I became pregnant

  1. Its a whole new world. You are about to enter a phase of life like no other. Man, once the gametes are fertilised, there will be no turning back.. 

  1. There won't be second first. The first positive pregnancy test, the first heartbeat, the first kick, your very firstborn officiate them all. So savour every taste of excitement.. you deserve it ❤️

  1. Your body is working the best for you. Even if it means miscarriage or hyperemesis gravidarum. Majority of miscarriage is caused by abnormal chromosomes arrangement that is deemed unfit to survive later in life. HG mommies are found to have lower risk of miscarriage. So whatever you experience, think good things.

  1. Its fine to be lazy. If in doubt, blame hormones!! Like my MIL says, this will be the only time you'll be excused from doing house chores for a long time. Might not be helping if you enjoy doing them, though. You are officially a queen 👑

  1. There are thousandssssss if not millionsssss of illogical, unbrainable(?), regrettably much acceptable theories on how to be pregnant properly lol. Tak boleh makan tu lah tak boleh buat ni lah. If they sound wrong to you, it probably is. Don't be stuck at feeling guilty for not listening to elderly, say 'baiklah' and do the correct things anyway.

  1. You would want and should involve your husband. Not only to minimise paternal postpartum depression risk (which is very much real, btw) but to ensure you child receive the best potential to grow. Studies have shown that the more father involves, the smarter and stronger child becomes.

  1. You can, and you will get pregnant from your first time, provided that the preconditioning is favourable. I remember meeting one future doctor saying 'Oh kita tak sangka pulak boleh terus pregnant.' Baby, think baby from the day you two agree to get married. So discuss family planning very very carefully, before you go plan your wedding. Every child should be wanted and intended. No human does it by eksiden, kemon.

  1. Invest on breastfeeding, if you intend to, in terms of money and tools. I think most future mommies thought it would just go easy and natural, but most mommies won't say so. Go to talks, buy books, ask around, FIND SUPPORT eg facebook group ka. Know the basics eg susu basi vs colostrum, oz vs ounce, nipple normal or not, boii I can go on and on about this, better diff post lah.

  1. Every pregnancy is different, even to the same person. What you feel is real and valid, even if nobody believes you.  No pregnancy is perfect but in your eyes and uterus. You're doing your best, and that's a fact *pat your tummy*

Since I am a very junior mommy, I'll leave the tenth tip to senior mommy, hehe. Feel free to drop your precious tips!

Hard to believe this is me in third trimester in my baju nikah almost two years ago.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


As I was waiting for my boarding, the word sayangku or my love came into my head.

I dedicate sayangku for my unborn child, whose strength and endurance humble me since day 1 of pregnancy.

Sayangku, I remember how I waited anxiously in the toilet for pregnancy test to show result. I didn't even miss a day yet, and we only had at most 2-days window to have you, so the chances weren't great. You are indeed a miracle.

Sayangku, no one knew you were there yet, except your father. He went dysphasia for almost 2 hours before he could call me and speak properly. But baby, there has never been a time your father was that stroke-like happy.

Sayangku, we had it tough, didn't we. My body was weak. I was kind of fit and healthy before you, but biology took its toll on me. Your father had to come all the way from Malaysia to take care of us because I was losing my grip. I almost lost you. He spent thousands just to come to save us. Such a man he is, isn't he.

Sayangku, when the news broke down, not everyone was happy. She scolded me in my face that I was a burden, and that you were unfortunate to be my child, her voice resonated all around the house but nobody came to our rescue. Lucky enough, your father came only 2 days later.

Sayangku, there were friends who promised that they would take care of us, but they didn't. They turned their backs on us and ignored us, not a sip of water nor a bite of food was offered in that house, but we survived. I remember how I had to crawl to the kitchen to make plain porridge that I knew I would throw up hours later, just so we didn't starve.

..to be continued..