Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a wedding wish, I suppose


I knew it was something from the way you held the door,
As I was trying to shut it so hard my arms were sore.
My wall has always been very thick and high,
Yet you entered every time as easy as pie, 
If only I knew the answer why. 

I never wrote any poem, nowhere near Shakespeare and so.. this is my very first poem made on this very first hour of first day of 2014. I dedicated this poem to a friend I found and lost, who might read this later or sooner and I wish I told her long ago that;

you had my heart. thank you for the care all these years..


Sunday, December 29, 2013

"I'm giving up on you"


I would love to tell you about the shoutings in house and cars, the loss of a friend that I trusted with my life through betrayal and the disappointment of being a side plan when the person always been in my master plan. 

I'd also love to tell you about Aslim and Naufal ran naked around the house because they didn't want to wear clothes after shower, the eye-opening moments I had in Twins of Faith I attended yesterday because they were so many people have waken up to Islam that ever I witnessed before and how mature my lil brother's girlfriend is because she sounds intellectual in her tweets heh. 

I would love to tell them all, to you. Each and every detail, to you.

If only you could just say something to me.

#np Say Something such a great great song, seriously.