Saturday, April 23, 2011

another words of emotion

IB is not easy, never is.

Sya : eh, apa homework esok?

klasmet : ala, tak banyak, 3 je.

Sya : apa apa?


homeworks are never ending. tests are too. but any worse than that, the worst, would be final Sem 2 exam. Sem 2 exam is simply an exam that will determine your university placement. to be here or there, right or wrong, happy or sad, all depend on Sem 2 exam. okay okay, before that, do know that i am a person to exaggerate and be over anxious over something that this post might sound.. er well, a little bit toooo 'ove-errrrr la wehhh'

its kinda ironic here somewhere. though homeworks, assignments, tests, quizzes, pop quizzes (walaupun sama je) are endless, we still have time to enjoy tweeting, facebooking, myspace-ing (okay lame) and so on and so forth. sure la we enjoy mingling with friends (walaupun bukan kat dunia nyata), tweeting in class (walaupun sama kelas) and etc. rasa macam dapat lupa jap handbook TOK depan mata sekali dengan teacher-teacher sekali. SORRY TOK. WIFI LRC BEST SANGAT NAK WAT CANEEE.

but oh well, IB would say then

"i'm haunting you down girl............even via facebook."

its a good thing that we have young and energetic and cun teachers for most of our subjects. they are all very berjiwa muda, lawak, cool dan sebagainya (dengan harapan teacher baca so dapat tambah markah test) but but but. isnt it just frustrating that you have to log out right after getting these conversations and the next thing you know you are all over your thousands paged Chemisty and Biology books trying to study when everyone else is still enjoying facebook that you have to ignore for at least a week bcos of that wake up calls from your very own teachers?!!

fuh. emo sangat ni.

but oh, very well then, it is a good thing, actually. to be always remembered that..

Sem 2 exam is coming approach. very fast. and very inhumanly.

but we have dreams to run for, don't we?

(and to those who don't get what this number is, it is a sepotong ayat Quran. 20 is the no of surah, and 114 is the number of line or ayat. you can check the translation very easily from

Saturday, April 9, 2011

this tired heart and body and soul and ergh.

"Ya, Ya tak rasa malu dan kurang pandai ke?"

"nape nak rasa camtu?"

"tengok adik-beradik Ya semua buat degree, Ya buat diploma je."


the dedicated IB diploma students... :]

i'm writing this with tears and sweats to the that my life has been. not look like one for the past a year i'm taking IB. bukan tak cukup tidur, tapi tidur tak menentu. sekejap sekejap sangat sekejap lama sangat. mana nak betul otak ni. mimpi pun mimpi eHow- Kimono untuk model Malay esok. lame kan?

i wasn't intended to write bad things about IB (though i really wanted to so badly) tapi tu lah, nak meluahkan perasaan yang terpendam di dada. the thing is that; there are more than loads of assignments and projects we gotta do yet so little time and little less energy we students have. we are no robots and heart machine, we need sleep and love. love?! haha.

you get my point kan? i don't know where this topic going, but oh well. sukati la nak tulis apeee. arghhhhhhhhhhhh. tekanannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

....or not. the budget-adorable students. yang kanan tu........

okay bai. nak pegi sambung belajar eHow part 2.

"awak ni Sya. tiap tiap minggu cakap dasyatnya minggu awak. bila minggu tak dasyat?"

minggu lepas SPM dulu *kesat air mata*


ps/ planning to write about IB in KMB for dummies later for future juniors. tapi takut memusnahkan harapan dan angan angan pulak. muahahaha.