Monday, November 10, 2014

"your pain. they're real."


everyone is wearing a mask. some might show to some people, some might never do. it is a mask that shows the real you within you, which most of the times, I believe, is dark. 

and its okay.

we're not angels. we never will be one. we are all sinners. if not everyday, every hour and every second. 

here's some part of my mask I'd like to tell you -- I am a sad person.

not that I'm proud of that, I just want to feel good that I recognise me. if you don't accept this part of mask, please don't expect another part of the part of it;

I have a unique sad face :P

"Andaikan kalian tahu apa yang aku tahu, nescaya kalian kurang ketawa, banyak menangis, keluar menuju berbagai jalan (untuk mencari perlindungan) dan tidak lena tidur." [HR Bukhari, Hakim, at Tabrani]

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